Eye Drop Sensation

Has anyone heard of Rice Bunny? While skimming WWD at work, I read that she is a makeup artists who recently won a Women’s Wear Beauty Breakthrough Award for being an internet-connected newcomer with major beauty influence. All this is to say, I immediately became obsessed with her youtube channel because she makes makeup application positively mesmerizing. (And Lancome has clearly figured out her selling power. They have partnered with her on some very cool makeup how-to videos.) In one of her hauls, she walks viewers through the contents of her purse, and I was immediately intrigued by her Rohto Eyedrops from Japan. Only available at Walgreens (this hint of exclusivity/hard to find element makes me immediately obsess over it), these drops come in amazing flavors that are meant to completely awaken your peepers. As my own eyes have been red and dry (combine 5 month old baby who doesn’t sleep well with New York’s frozen winter) I had to hightail it over to Walgreens to purchase. I have to admit these eye drops are insane. They completely wake you up in an almost caffeinated fashion, and your eyes stay white and moist all day. Thank you for the tip Rice Bunny!


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Covering Up

It is sweltering hot in New York, and while others are baring skin in tight tanks and sundresses, I am trying to figure out how to cover my post-prego bumps and lumps until they magically melt away. (Right!) I actually discovered a wonderful solution to my tummy troubles.

Check out these looks from H&M. The sundress is perfect for disguising a tummy and the blouse is also great when paired with a loose tank. I promptly purchased 2 of these dresses (for $12/each on summer sale) at H&M. I also bought 2 of these awesome Knotty Tanks from Lulu Lemon. They are essentially the ultimate in comfortable yogawear, but they are loose and flowy and look really sort of boho with capris and gladiator sandals. These are also great for skimming the stomach area. I have a few more weeks before hitting the gym so these items will be my essentials!

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Prime Online Shopping Time

I am literally trapped in the house with my newborn. The most I have been able to venture out alone has been to the drugstore or the coffee shop, and I have to race back home afterwards. This is one of the joys of being a new mom again. So how so I maintain a healthy amount of shopping? Amazon Prime! My other mommy friend turned me on to the joys of Amazon Prime, and I cannot tell you how worth it this is. You simply pay a fee each year and get free 2 -day shipping on almost everything that Amazon sells. It is amazing. I can literally find anything and everything on Prime and it is almost always cheaper on the site than it is in the store. I have ordered way more than I intended on the site, mainly baby-related to be honest, but I feel great about spending less and getting almost immediate delivery. I am loving this! (and I will continue to shop this way even when I can once again venture outside of the house.)

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Easy is the new Bugaboo

When I had my first daughter almost 4 years ago, the ┬ámust-have baby accessory was the Bugaboo stroller. (Especially if you lived in a “walking city” and wanted a smooth ride for baby.) I got the Bug and honestly liked walking around town with it, but when it came to trying to grab a cab or hop the subway, I would literally need someone to help me either carry it down and up the subway steps or help me break it down because it is impossible to break down while you hold the baby. (It requires both hands and even feet sometimes.) Also, the bug is almost impossible to navigate through a store. You bump everything and everyone. As my daughter got older, I couldn’t wait to use a simple Maclaren umbrella stroller that was easy to break down and maneuver around town. Now that #2 has arrived, I have been struggling with the stroller decision. We strolled her in the bug this past weekend and, as usual, it was smooth on the street but also somewhat of a nightmare because I have several stairs to climb to get to my apartment, and I simply cannot get the stroller up and down without the help of someone else. So in desperation, I ordered the Snugrider. This is the little stroller base that the Snugride car seat “snaps” into. It is so easy to break down and so very light that I can pick up the entire stroller if I need to. It is also compact- so getting around in stores is much easier. So for now I am totally choosing ease over the Bug and am loving it!

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Summer Selections

Now that I am back in Manhattan, I have been scoping out all of the fashion and beauty I have been missing. One thing that is hard as I near the end of pregnancy is my boring maternity wardrobe. I keep seeing the cutest girls in swingy mini-skirts and shorts. I am even wishing I looked good in my workout gear because I have seen so many girls hitting the streets in cute Lulu Lemon looks. At this point, I think anything would be better than my selection of prego capris and sundresses!  Check out this skirt from TopShop. This is just the sort of skirt I cannot wait to wear with a tank top and gladiator sandals. Also, check out this romper from designer Mara Hoffman. Say what you will about rompers, I am digging this. And this? How can you go wrong on a beachy day with this cutest little number. I cannot wait to shop for shorty summer looks as soon as I am a fit mom once again.

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Review of the Mia

So I have been using the Clarisonic Mia since Mother’s Day- how long has that been? About 3 weeks? And my skin has been crazy breaking out. I have been researching this horrible phenomenon, and it seems that this is a period of “purging” whereby my friendly Mia clears out old clogged pores. Some people on the makeup review boards never stop purging and end up returning their Clarisonics. I am literally convinced I will be one of these people. I am also much more oily than usual. Granted, this could all be pregnancy-related, but this has all cropped up after I started using the brush. The great thing about my Mia is that is does leave my skin super duper soft and smooth, so I am inclined to continue using it to see where this purging thing goes and if it goes away.

On another note, my little QVC box of Bobbi Brown goodies arrived, and I am so excited to try it tomorrow. The kits looks amazing with the perfect shades of lavender and brown and neutral lip colors. I am not super excited about the Popsicle lip gloss but my daughter seems to love it, so she can have that little piece of the kit for now.

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While waiting for the Housewives…

What’s up with me ordering from QVC? I am literally sitting here waiting for tonight’s Real Housewives of New York City, and I just flipped past Bobbi Brown on QVC doing Dress for Success makeovers using the most amazing color collection- her Downtown palette. The colors looked truly amazing on air. The kit allowed for a subtle day look as well as a smokier evening look, and I am a consummate Bobbi fan so I simply couldn’t resist. I am excited to try the Popsicle lip gloss.

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Beauty Booties!

I have found the coolest summer booties ever! They are sort of a cross between chunky, strappy sandals, booties, and gladiator sandals. I am obsessed. They are called the Rozene Wedge from Dolce Vita, and I am officially in love with this perfect cross between a funky/dressed up summer shoe. It can literally be worn with a hot dress for a night out, or, if you are me and wearing comfy prego clothes, these can totally be dressed down. Maybe it is that the height of this heel is perfect (because I literally teeter totter in anything more than a kitten heel right now as my stomach continues to grow.) Or maybe it is the chunky/embellished factor that makes them appear much more expensive than they were, but these little boots are going to be the perfect complement to black skirts and capris this summer. And, because I have about 4 pairs of black capris left over from my last pregnancy, I plan on wearing these a lot!

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Keeping Up at LAX

And this is precisely why I love my husband. While down at LAX tonight catching his flight north, he managed to snap a pic of my favorite hair in all of America- that of Kourtney Kardashian. Even though you cannot see her face at all, her hair still looks wonderful in this picture. I think, for me, it is the color that just fascinates me. It is like ultimate dark drown but not black. This sort of color could wash out anyone with a paler skin tone (I can’t pull it off) but it looks great on her olive skin. I will seriously always be obsessed with her hair color, most definitely because I can’t achieve it. (Oh and FYI- those are Kris’s legs.) Ha.

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New Pantene Trials

Have you heard about the revamped Pantene line? I read about this a few months back in WWD and was interested to note that the company was relaunching the line with a focus on different hair thickness and texture. The idea is that thick hair needs more of some things than thin, and the revamped line was created to address these different needs. I tried the Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for Thick Hair last night and I really liked it. My hair was silky soft when I exited the shower. I then quickly applied the Smoothing Cream for Thick hair which is almost a gel/cream blend. The result is very soft and shiny, although not entirely as flat as I would like. But for like $12 total, I guess you can’t have everything you want. I suggest everyone give the line a whirl and let me know what you think.

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